Celebration 2017 – SOLD OUT!

August 6-9, 2017

Reserved seating

*Must have an event ticket to purchase.

Make-A-Wish Reserved Seating FAQ

No, you must have the event ticket to purchase Make-A-Wish reserved seating.
Pricing will vary depending on event.
Priority check-in at registration, wristbands that grant you early access to the event, prime seating close to the stage, your name on your assigned seat.
100% of the proceeds from the tickets go to the Make-A-Wish foundation
Yes, all tax right offs will come at the end of the year (end of 2017).
In order to ensure that you sit next to your team or associate of your choice, you must purchase all tickets under one member ID. After all tickets have been purchased under one member ID, then you can go ahead and transfer the tickets to the members of your group.
The way tickets are assigned is by the date and time of the purchase. Row and seat number are designated solely based on the order of which tickets were sold.
Tickets are first come, first serve. In order to guarantee seats next to each other, the tickets had to have been bought in the same invoice. Unfortunately, there is no guarantee that you will be seated together unless the seats were purchased in the same invoice.
For Further questions regarding Make-A-Wish reserved seating please email IsaWish@isagenixcorp.com